For this student project, I created a luxury brand loosely based around the goddess Hera. As the Goddess of Women, she is a strong concept for an everyday perfume. I pulled imagery from her sacred animal, the peacock to create a unique experience for every woman.


For the package, I wanted to create something that was familiar and feminine, but exciting and exclusive. I went with a traditional bottle shape, and created a custom metal piece reminiscent of jewelry. I carried this symbol throughout the line, an original perfume, a nighttime perfume, travel sizes, roll-on perfume, a solid perfume locket, body lotion, shower gel, custom bags, and a gift set. 


Where the package design of the bottle was elegant and traditional, I wanted the experience of opening the box to be more dramatic. With an electrifying color palette of jewel tones that makeup the peacock design decorating the outside, the box unfolds in a similar fashion to a peacocks feathers.