Created for the latest venture of my dear friend, Audrey Gebhardt. Sugar Mountain Catering & Confections specializes in appetizers & desserts. Audrey started her first business at 14, after accepting every challenge and loving every minute of it, she has now turned it into a career. 

Her philosophy is simple:

We make food to make you happy! We believe that no host should ever go without a drink in hand, so we’ll take care of the dirty work for you.

She recently launched Sugar Mountain Mobile, the grown up version of a lemonade stand on wheels. You’ll see her popping up in farmer’s market serving smiles & sweets to sun kissed cheeks. In 2015, you can also visit her at Sugar Mountain Coffee, her first brick and mortar location. 

When creating her design I tried to keep this in mind: Happy and playful, but simple and elegant.